Here at James Wesley Furniture our vision is to inspire and enhance the communities you call home. Lead by Wes and Katherine Lewis, we design and handcraft custom furnishings for distinct spaces in homes and businesses. Our team is excited to serve you. Our primary craftsman, Wes, is passionate about perpetuating the world of craft and loves to add unique details into his work. Katherine is enthusiastic about people and leads engagement and communication. We recently hired our first full-time employee who is excited to create beautiful work alongside us. 

James Wesley Furniture is an Industry Partner of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID). 






Free Local Delivery: You're in luck! Our deliveries are free within Wichita, Kansas! Sit back and relax while your custom pieces are safely delivered and set in place. 

Life-time Craftsmanship Guarantee: We design and craft our furniture and fixtures to last. It is our promise to you that if your piece does not function as designed or stand the test of time when used as intended, we'll fix it for free, for life.


The key to custom is you! It all starts with a conversation. We'll discuss your needs, desires and concerns and determine if we are a good fit for your needs. Initial consultations are free as you get to know us and see if we're the right fit for you. With a consultation, you'll receive a preliminary design idea and a quote range.  Call us at (316)302-4899, we'd love to hear from you.


We'll then move into the official design stage. At this point in the process, we'll provide drawings and renderings until you are satisfied with the design. The fee for design is $200 and is lumped in to the fee for the final piece. A visit to your home or office may be necessary to get perfect measurements. This visit is included in the design fee if you are in the Wichita area.



Once a design is agreed upon, we'll send you a contract that we'll mutually agree upon and the crafting stage begins! Half of the final fee is due at this point in the process. Each piece varies in the time it takes to make due to various processes. The average lead time is 8-12 weeks, and your specific time will be discussed with you in the design stage. While you anxiously await your custom piece, check us out on our social media pages. You'll likely see an update on the process. We love to celebrate the transformation from raw material to your custom, distinct piece.


At the end of this stage, we move into the final stage, delivery! If you're in our hometown of Wichita, we'll set your piece in place for free. Outside of that range, we'll discuss a  delivery or shipping fee and schedule a coming home date! The second half of the payment is due upon delivery. Once you have received your piece, it has a life-time craftsmanship guarantee. If it does not function as intended when used properly, we'll restore it like new. To start the conversation, contact us at (316) 302-4899.


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